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The Insite Group, LLC began our relationship with Mitch Reed & Associates, PLLC back in 1995 when we started our business. At that point, the firm was our entire accounting department. As we grew and brought our accounting in-house, they were crucial in helping us establish our accounting policies and procedures and in helping create the accounting functions that we have in place today. Over the years, the firm has played a vital role with our strategic financial and tax planning and they continue to oversee our accounting on a monthly basis.

Integrity, efficiency and quality service are just a few of the reasons we consider Mitch Reed & Associates, PLLC to be a valuable part of our management team.

Ed Britton, CEO/Owner, The Insite Group, LLC,


“Not only a trusted advisor, but also a valued extension to our team.”

Strata has been working with Mitch Reed and Associates since 2002. We consider Mitch Reed not only a trusted advisor, but also a valued extension to our team, and his knowledge of small business accountancy and tax affairs allows us to concentrate on building our business. Mitch Reed and Associates has been the perfect accounting services outsource for our firm, assisting and training in-house administrative staff on day-to-day accounting activities. They have enabled us to accurately forecast our cash-flow and provided key financial data for our business decisions. They have always been efficient, professional and quickly grasped our accounting needs and requirements. I cannot recommend Mitch Reed and Associates highly enough, and Strata will certainly continue to retain their services and support in the future.”

Charles Ferst, CEO, Strata Environmental Services, Inc,

“I would highly recommend him.”

Mitchell Reed has been my personal and Apple Health & Wellness' CPA since 1991. His personal service and regards for our practice have been unparalleled. He is proactive in our corporate and personal tax planning and takes the time to explain the complicated tax system. He makes us aware of what we can and should do to save taxes, avoiding those things which may raise "Red Flags" and cause future problems. I would highly recommend him to anyone who owns a business and is interested in an excellent accountant who gives ethical, personal service.”

Chris Hosenfeld, Apple Health & Wellness,



a few of our clients